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Blog Post created by MateosDad on Feb 14, 2020

Day 47,


Been a while since I’ve posted, not intentional, I remember to do it when I’m busy but forget by the time i can sit down and take a minute for it. Quits going well I believe, and wife got me a new 30 day chip .

My last post mentioned attitude problems, fairly sure it’s been resolved and wasn’t completely about nicotine withdrawal. (Though would be nice to just use that as my excuse.)


Good advice on it though, count to 5, take a walk; I really need to work on self-control in the aspect of anger, but that’s a talk for a different group. 

Cigarettes still smelling tempting, though bad as well; like I can smell the horrid stench but it’s attracting to me if that makes sense? 

I believe I’ll be finding a new job in a short while, hopefully that doesn’t try to trigger anything.. and my wife trying to do some calorie counting deal, so I can’t just snack all day to keep me busy So if anyone has some recommendations for that... that would be great.


thank youuu