Much easier travels :)

Blog Post created by Marz727 on Feb 18, 2020

Blessed to be in Hawaii at the moment Noticing things along the way...


It was a longgg 14+ hours getting from Philly to Honolulu. Was thinking how much more rough that would be if I was waiting all that time to smoke! What a pleasure not worrying about it. Geez, what an added burden we carried with us!


The Philly airport gives me anxiety! Expected it to be worse this trip without my crutch but it was actually so much better and I just did what I had to and smiled and thanked all the mean people cause, u know what guys...I just quit smoking so if I can do that I can do anything


Got to the place we’re staying and there’s a beautiful little patio with chairs and pretty plants and...guess what my first thought was? Well yes it surely would have been a great place to hang out and smoke but it will also be great to hang out and not smoke! (Took me a little to realize that one ugh)


Also at the place we’re staying are all windows wide open, a beautiful breeze and our bed right off that patio. Would have either had to leave the nice porch and hide to smoke anyway or have the place smelling like a chimney. Nice to just sit


Lastly, only here a few hours before going to sleep but so far have not seen a single person smoking in Hawaii! Extra happy not to be that person this trip!! 


Off to explore...thankful grateful and blessed