Needed to stop Chantix but I got this! :)

Blog Post created by Marz727 on Feb 15, 2020

Day 27...coming to the end of week 4 yeh! Was really struggling during the week but feeling so much better now, thankfully. Realized I was having a really hard time and feeling a little worse each day so, stopped taking Chantix and already the world is a brighter place.


Chantix is such a great and horrible med. Appreciate the good start it gave me but I am now on my own and confident I will keep moving forward! I am not looking for things to upset me so I have to smoke like I did on prior quit attempts and I am also not making the usual excuses.


I am remembering that when I smoked all I wanted was to be able to quit. I know this time that I can smoke any time I choose...but I am choosing not to! I am not being deprived and I am not a victim of those people that love me and encourage me to stop. I Want to stop and I Am going to stop this time!! So happy to say