Change it up!

Blog Post created by Marz727 on Feb 13, 2020

Middle of week 25 tho I’m not trying to count days anymore (guess that’s progress!?!) Tired, just tired


Tired of thinking about it and fighting it. Tired of quitting having consumed my life. Don’t feel any better, not really getting any easier. Not really happy, don’t smile much. Not feeling thoughtful or nice to others, feel like all my energy is thinking of myself (really dislike that)! Feels like this is how it will always be.


i know people will say it gets better. Takes time... yep u will still feel like a crappy self absorbed unhappy person for a year or two! Whatcha expect after what u did for all those years!! 


While talking about my quit with my husband last nite, he pointed out that I always say the same things when I try to quit...hmm good point. If I’m having the same thoughts/feelings/dialogue I always have, shouldn’t I be working on changing that up?


The negativity isn’t helping anyone! I know the benefits of praying and gratitude lists and meditation and all that. Shouldn’t my effort be going into all that?


If I try really hard right now, can I turn this around?! so my husband can say Wow u r really handling this well this time!


Cant hurt to try, I suppose