Forgot I quit ?!?

Blog Post created by Marz727 on Feb 2, 2020

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks smoke free! (Yeh) Keeping it together, following my plan, taking a reduced chantix dose, not over eating, not miserable....things are going much better than they have in past quit attempts. Trying to keep it positive and telling myself I just can’t do that any more...move on!


Sometimes tho, I think I momentarily forget?!  Spending all my energy on a good can I forget??


Yesterday at work, for example, had a slow moment and stood up to walk to my car for a quick smoke. What??? Took me awhile to regroup. Oh geez, damnit, can’t do that! Felt like day 1 for awhile til I distracted myself back to the world as it is now. Today, still thinking of that moment ?! 


What a strange addiction this is!