Looking for the good!

Blog Post created by Marz727 on Jan 24, 2020

Since journaling/writing is one of the things on my list of things to help in my quit, maybe I should write! Today is day 5 smoke free and I feel so good and so bad! 


Im taking chantix…such a helpful and horrible med! I am withdrawing and feeling over-medicated but not really craving. Decreasing the dose just a little today to hopefully feel less drugged. 


Part of me is feeling determined and hopeful. I’m off to a good start and I never ever want to have to go thru his again! Been here too many times. But a bigger part of me just feels bad...angry at nothing, tired, worn out!


Whats bothering me most is that I can always find good in bad situations, but feeling more bad than good today. I can find it, but just not feeling it. I wish to just go on with my days not being overwhelmed by the quitting process.


It doesn’t have to be the only thing I think about does it? And if so, why aren’t I thinking of all the good that comes with quitting? Why don’t I feel good that I’m fighting a fight and winning? Why do I have to call it a fight? It’s a major accomplishment!!


I will keep writing, keep fighting, keep accomplishing and try to spend more time counting my blessings