Over 7 months In and Grateful for My Life

Blog Post created by MaryRobin on Apr 6, 2020

I will keep this short: Jon Deering, Giulia, and a few others on this site changed my life. I never thought I could make it, but here I am 7 months and counting into my quit and few to no craving ever. No weight gain, no moodiness anymore- and less fear that my smoking/vaping will lead to complications should I contract the corona virus. 
If you haven’t quit yet, DO IT. Be tough. Be stronger than you think you can be. Be hard on n yourself until you face facts that you have to do this if you want to survive. You can and will make it. If I can do it, you can, too. And you will thank yourself for giving you hope for a future. 
I feel strong and ready should I get sick. I regret ever putting myself in this danger as an ex, but so grateful I am months free, and every day counts!!! 
Be well and get inspired to LIVE!! Quit today and if you are already an ex, be grateful for your strength and hard work. It may just save your life. 
Best to you all,