An Updated Plan

Blog Post created by MaryRobin on Sep 14, 2019

I have changed and moved my quit date up from September 25 to September 20. I feel really good about this decision. 

All day I have been reconsidering this and dancing around a revised plan, but I don’t like the uncertainty, so Done! 5 days to go now.


Every time I take a hit now, it hurts my throat. I have a thick layer of phlegm in the back of my throat that feels like it could make me choke or cough every time I swallow. I know these things won’t instantly go away when I quit, but I want them to dissipate as soon as possible. I have an event at work Thursday that I have  some nerves around, so I will get through that, and have a manageable amount of work on the horizon between Friday and really Thanksgiving; My hope is for most cravings to be behind me by then....although I know that every day for the rest of life without nicotine may be challenging. If I can get through the first 3 days, then week, then 2-3 weeks, and the first two months before Thanksgiving, then I can make it. I WILL make it. The alternative is unacceptable to me. I am determined....and nervous, but I will beat this addiction.


Five more days of limbo to finish my prep, get my mind in gear, and gather support and encouragement. I am hopeful, too, that quitting on a Friday means that the majority of the first three days will be on a weekend when I can busy myself with walking my dogs, watching my son’s baseball game, and cooking, etc. Even napping and showering or steaming with eucalyptus- things I think will help me get through it successfully as I detox. 


Again, thanks to all of you ex’s out there for your support for those of us going through this now. We need you- and I know I will give back when I am experienced and ready to be there for others, no question. I know I will need you come Friday and for the next few months- Many thanks in advance! Best to all of you and more soon