19 Days to Go

Blog Post created by MaryRobin on Sep 7, 2019

I am really slowing down and cutting back on using my juul as I prepare for my quit date. I am actually getting excited to be done with it. With vaping so prevalent in the news, and people dying, I feel like I am surrounded by support and scary facts to help me survive by quitting this forever. I am getting prepared for the first 3 days of withdrawals and know it will be really hard. I have faced plenty of hard things in my 43 year old life, and I won’t lose to nicotine, or even be afraid: I will beat this.

I had been vaping almost a full pod a day. I am down to a pod every three-four days. I am trying to only take one- two drags at a time and put it away/not keep it in my hand or pocket throughout the day, but away in a bag or purse or anywhere that I can’t simply reach for it. It helps a lot. I am trying to use it less/not at all during times I have identified as “trigger times”....and if I do use, it’s only for one drag- not endless as it use to be. 

Those out there trying to beat vaping: please write and let’s do this together! Everything people are writing on this site about quitting cigarettes applies to us, too, and is extremely helpful. But we need to help each other out, too, and write/respond to vaping blogs/questions/comments as users/soon to be ex-users, or for anyone out there who has successfully quit vaping/juuling, please write! I know I am not alone in wanting to hear from you.