22 Days to Go

Blog Post created by MaryRobin on Sep 3, 2019

My quit date is set for September 25th, 2019. I haven’t smoked a cigarette for almost 3 years, but am completely addicted to the Juul (vape) which I picked up as a tool to quit smoking cigarettes. It worked....but I aware I am more addicted now to nicotine than before.

I smoked American Spirits for almost two decades (since I was 20 years old; I am now 43). About a pack a week. For the past 3 years, I have smoked about 4 pods (the equivalent of 4 packs) a week. Juuling is ridiculously addictive. I think it is worse because I was not even aware how much I was using....until each pod would end. I am ready for clean lungs, and a future I can live to experience (assuming it’s not too late). 

I am taking this month to educate myself and prepare, as so many wonderful ex-smokers have advised on this site. I downloaded a podcast on quitting, have been testing how long I can go without getting shaky from lack of nicotine, and have a plan in place on the timing of my last 8 pods on the calendar to ween myself down as much as possible before my quit date. 

It feels surreal: to really mean it this time. My mind keeps trying to talk me out of it. But my body, heart, and lungs- and my dreams and plans for a healthy life with my family- keep reminding me of why I must do this. I am tired of being a smoker. I want to live fully and to the best of my ability. I want to beat this once and for all.


Any advice on aids while beating nicotine shakes? (I literally get shaky, and it is impossible to think of anything but how to get a drag.) Pros and cons of using nicotine gum/lozenges for emergencies? Also, any books/articles to listen to? I commute for work in my car, and instead of smoking, want to listen to why I need to NOT.


I am very grateful for the strength and generosity of people who have commented, offered support, and simply by being ex-smokers, give me strength to know I, too, can do this.