Day 12

Blog Post created by MartyO on Mar 12, 2020

This Day 12


This is a very good Day 12!  I relapsed and so, to be fair, this is TOO easy of a Day 12.  I searched for a Day 12 Blog by me last month but did not find one.  I don't want future Exers to read this Day 12 Blog of mine and believe that Day 12 is THIS easy....because it's NOT.  


My first Day 12 was the end of February (a couple for weeks ago).  I assure you that I was still in the throws of withdrawal (mentally and physically).  It was still a very difficult time in my quit journey.  I made it to Day 15 and relapsed.  Started my new Quit the next day.  


That said, THIS is a very good Day 12! 

I feel so much more calm, settled and at ease with my new self on this Day 12!  

I'm beginning to feel like myself again, but better.  I have more confidence in myself and am proud of how far I have come.  This site has been so very helpful to me!  Thank you all.  


The only complaint I have is the weight gain and that is something I will need to get a handle on.  Other than that, I am enjoying my smoke free world and the cravings are coming less swiftly and intensely.  I'm beginning to see myself as a non-smoker and to embrace the title.  I'm beginning to really believe it/feel it/own it.     And so should you.  


All I can say is This Day 12 feels much better than the last Day 12. 

It DOES get easier, every day.  Every.Single.Day.-it gets easier and BETTER!


Keeping the faith,

~marty DOF 12