Day 9 (AGAIN)

Blog Post created by MartyO on Mar 9, 2020

After wresting with this for a week, I've decided that my "slip"/"relapse" of nicotine last Saturday night (for one night) will cost me ALL 15 of my days of quit.  ~OUCH!~  That is even painful to type.


I have to let them go,

                    give them up,

                          release them,

                                          surrender them. 


I was unable/unwilling to do so immediately.  Only after much soul searching, researching, praying and thorough consideration, have I come to this decision.  This is how it must be to be right and true to my soul....and my quit journey..   Thanks for everyone's input on the subject!  


My junky side had me using confusing logic and I certainly wanted to hide and wish my relapse away.  BUT, I've decided to put on my BIG GIRL panties and take responsibility for my actions. 


So, as of last Sunday (March 1), I have been smoke/vape/nicotine FREE. 


(I mainly agreed to this b/c it's so much easier to count from 3/1-Just kidding)  

Ironically, this was my original "quit date" pick which I moved up... I'll count the days leading up to March 1 as "practice time".  


I proudly announce to the world that I have 9 days of freedom!  I celebrate each day!



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