Dog days

Blog Post created by Martmart418 on Dec 2, 2019

I woke up with the urge to smoke, I told myself "eat breakfast and you will forget about it" started eating and lost my mind with other thoughts but as soon as I felt satiated, I got back into the habit "I am bloated! a little puff will stop the feeling" then lied to the wifie (wife) telling her I was going to fill the car's tank and all I could think on the road was the relief that puff was going to give me. I bit my lip as I opened the container, I and salivated as soon as the tabaco smell hit me, man, I even stop the car to lit it. I gave it two puffs then threw it out the window, then it hit me. The guilt. I slipped again. I am such a wimp! How can I do this to myself? Came home, told the wifie she hugged me but I felt her anger, how can I blame her? She has to live with a wimp who can't quit. I had been doing good, 6 months 26 days, all because my ego said I could fight it without the $25 expense for patches. Dammed dog days.