Reply-By-Email Changes Coming to EX

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Feb 24, 2020

We're continually updating and making the site more secure. While much of these efforts happen behind the scenes to protect your data we also have some efforts that are user-facing.  On February 25th we'll be making some changes that will result in a randomly assigned email address for each new EX Community account. Existing accounts will continue to have their actual email addresses on the EX Community, though they're only private to you. For new members who join after this change, email notifications from the EX community will still be delivered to your email address but a proxy will be used to deliver those emails to you, making our whole system more secure. Though a gallant effort was made by our software engineers, we were not able to create a way to allow a reverse proxy that would allow us to keep the reply-by-email function from the EX Community enabled. As a result, on February 25th we'll be turning off reply-by-email off for all members so you will need to login to respond to any email notifications you receive from the site. 


As you may have heard, in 2020 we'll be migrating community platforms. We don't have a date when this will happen but we'll keep you informed as best we can.  If the new EX Community platform allows us to securely deliver you a reply-by-email function then we'll be able to re-enable reply-by-email to interact with the community. Unfortunately, until more is known, we're not able to guarantee that we'll be able to return this feature to the EX Community.  I know for some of you this feature will be dearly missed. 


Mark and the EX Team