Call for Videos: Tell us what EX means to you!

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Aug 4, 2017

We’ve done requests to see if anyone wanted to walk others through how they use EX. We realize that EX changed a bit initially so it was difficult to do that because there was some worry that the video would become out of date quickly.  We went back to the drawing board a bit and thought more about it.   


We thought, “It would be great if EXers recorded a short video about what EX means to them or what they think people should know about EX.” This approach is fairly timeless. 


The videos don’t need to be long. Just take up to about 3 minutes to welcome a new member to EX. A few ideas (though we welcome whatever you want to tell us!):  

  • Tell us how EX has helped you in your journey.
  • Share how EX can be best used to help people quit.   
  • Give your advice for how a new member can get started in the EX Community.
  • Just say “hi!” and welcome someone new.


Videos can be recorded right from your computer using a webcam or from your mobile device/tablet, or they can be uploaded from your device’s memory. 


If you’re interested in recording a short video or two, please complete the form.  We’ll be in touch with you to find out the best approach to getting your video recorded and up on the site. 


Thanks in advance for continuing to make the EX Community a wonderful and welcoming place! 


Mark and The EX Team