Take the Best and Leave the Rest

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Jul 25, 2017

With any community (online or offline), there will be a lot of information.  Especially when you’re navigating this community on your quitting journey, there will be a lot to learn.  Some advice will be sound and other advice will be questionable.  Some advice will be applicable and other advice will not. Some advice will feel right for you, other advice won’t.  As members of the EX Community, you all need to decide what recommendations from others you want to take to heart. 


Our EX Community has come up with a phrase to address this.  “Take the Best and Leave the Rest.” 

This essentially means: Learn as much as you can and apply what works for you. Ignore the rest. 


Sometimes, you’ll get advice from someone replying to things you’ve posted. If it doesn’t apply to you, ignore it. Just because you receive it doesn’t mean you have to apply it in your own life. Take what is beneficial.  What works for one, may not work for the next person. When advice is offered, it’s offered freely without expectation that you’ll use it.  


That being said, don’t tell someone that their advice is bad or worthless if it doesn’t apply to you!  Others will come along and read your post and the provided advice in the responses, and it might apply to them.  That’s the beauty of online communities. The information benefits more than one person. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. 


So, next time you post something and get a reply that you don’t agree with, say thanks (or “like” the response, or mark it as helpful) for the helpful things and ignore the rest.  Your journey is personal and whatever gets you to be quit and stay quit is the most important thing. 


EX Community Manager


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