Why Do I See Old Blogs and Discussions?

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Mar 17, 2017

When you read blogs, discussions and questions, you may see the Related and Recommended Content widgets at the bottom of the page. These widgets are populated at the bottom of the page to introduce other content that may be relevant to you and related to the content you’re viewing.  There are a lot of different factors that contribute to this content showing up in those widgets.


Relevant and Related Content

Since we just moved to this platform in January 2017, the algorithm that helps to select relevant/recommended/related content has very limited information to select the best similar/suggested content related to what you are viewing. As time goes on, this content will become more relevant. Some of the related content is already very similar as it compares the text of the posts to find similar ones that may already contain helpful responses. 

You may also see older discussions appear on the home page in the Recent Activity widget.  These appear if someone comments on a discussion. While the original author may no longer be active on the site, other active members of the community may still be active. So be aware that you might not get a response from the original author unless you @Mention them 

Recent Activity

Not everyone is ready to post as soon as they arrive. That’s okay! It’s completely fine to continue a discussion that happened a while ago or comment on a past blog that speaks to you.  We want as many people getting involved in the Community if it will help them quit or keep their quit.

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