Embedding Videos in Your Questions and Discussions

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Jan 26, 2017

We noticed a number of people(Thanks Christine_Aka_legend and sophia-22) were reporting that they were unable to insert an embedded video into a Discussion and Question.  We've fixed that.  You can do it now in Questions and Discussions by following the directions below.  Please note that you cannot yet do it in a Personal blog but we're working to also make that possible as well. You should be able to include them in a blog that isn't in your personal container.


  1. Create a Discussion or Question in the Community Help or Conversations community and then look for the icon seen below.
    Click Video Insert Button
  2. Click Embed a Video buttonInsert Video
  3. Paste in the URL field the video you want to embed. Then click button to Import Video.
    Insert Video 3
  4. Complete your post by including any other text you want to and then post it.


Leave any questions or comments as a reply below.


EX Community Manager