Username Update Complete

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Dec 16, 2016
Update: If you want to request a new username you'll need to do so using this form.

Greetings Everyone! 


As many know we’ve been taking steps to prep the current community for migration to a new community platform early next year.  One big step in that process was to get everyone to have their own unique username. I’m excited to say that step is complete. While many of you changed their username on your own, I have noticed some active members now have new usernames where a number has been added, if they were not the oldest member to have that username. 


This doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the new username you’ve been given. For a short period longer you'll still be able to update your usernameWe'll be making some changes before the move that will prevent you from changing your username so please act soon. Simply go to your profile page and edit the username field. Your username must be unique, contain only A-Z, a-z, 0-9, dash(-), underscore(_) or Period(.). Other symbols and spaces are no longer allowed as they are not compatible for search in the new Jive community. If your new username doesn’t meet the requirements, you will see an error and will need to fix your username until it meets the requirements. 

If you need some help with changing your username, leave a comment with your top three choices(incase one of your choices is already taken). Or if you have a question about this change, please leave it in the comments below.


EX Community Manager