Yay for much needed sleep!

Blog Post created by MarilynH on Oct 18, 2020

I was EXhausted last night, Mark and I did up the dishes after everyone left then he watched some TV and I got on site for awhile and then headed for La la land about 9 o'clock it didn't take very long to nod off  I didn't crawl out of bed until almost 8 o'clock this morning, I invited Wendy and her oldest daughter Jennifer for pizza this afternoon, Jennifer will be flying back to Saskatchewan this coming Saturday so we thought she'd like to enjoy our pizza because now that she and everyone are out of quarantine she'll have some visiting to do before flying back. Anyway I'm so sorry I'm rambling!!! Out of the 14 people we had here yesterday there were only 2 smokers and I bet they would have liked to step out for a smoke many times BUT they didn't it was raining really hard all day and it was a cold rain at 37°F or 3°C brrrrr!!! I don't miss that one ioda I really am EXtremely thankful for this wonderful community of awesome folks because you helped me through some pretty horrid cravings just by listening and encouraging me to keep moving forward, so if you're reading this and are struggling with remaining quit please know that you can and will be successful one precious Smokefree Day at a time or hour minute or even a second at a time PLUS we're all here to help you in any way we can just let us know by blogging HELP! Our lives are worth so much more than the damned Cancer Sticks... Vigilance is key to remaining Smokefree along with commitment and perseverance there's absolutely no way any of us will FAIL!!!