Yep it's that day again!

Blog Post created by MarilynH on Oct 7, 2020

Our buddy our pal our friend our Hump day camel George wants to wish each of you reading this a Stressfree hasslefree BUT most importantly a Smokefree Day if we want to live LIFE on LIFES Terms then we must choose to stick with N.O.P.E~Not One Puff Ever and vigilance N.M.W~No Matter What~because there's just no other way! Vigilance is key to remaining Smokefree I've been out of touch with a friend of mine other than talking with her on phone, actually we just talked last week I found out last night she passed away yesterday she just turned 61 in May she had bowel cancer which spread ugh! LIFE happens BUT we must remain Smokefree because smoking wouldn't help one ioda BUT it would screw up a perfectly beautiful quit and every ounce of life's stressers would be there to deal with! We'll be having a small funeral for my brother in law Bob on the 17th once Wendy and her daughters are out of quarantine it'll be so wonderful to see everyone especially Wendy. 

Our lives literally depends on us to nurture and protect the best gift that any of us will ever give ourselves which is the GIFT OF LIFE which keeps on giving day after day week after week month after month and Lord willing year after year, our job is to always remember and N.E.F ~ Never Ever Forget how horrendous it was in those early days and weeks of quitting smoking because NONE OF US has to ever go back to that horrid DAY ONE BUT each and every Day WON is precious....