N.E.F.-Never Ever Forgot~That Horrid Day ONE!!!

Blog Post created by MarilynH on May 24, 2020

Good Sunday morning everyone it was a cold night at 30°F brrr thankfully Mark covered what he's got planted the tomato plants are safe in the greenhouse they'll go out next weekend hopefully the nights will start to warm up BUT we're used to frost in May and God forbid we've had the odd frost in June BUT life happens whether we smoke or not so let's continue to move forward stacking up those precious DOF - Days Of Freedom so each evening we can look ourselves in the mirror and say YAY for another Day WON we MUST NOT let life kick us in the teeth to the point where we let our guard down and think just ONE would be OK!!! N.O.P.E AND VIGILANCE ARE KEY TO A SMOKEFREE LIFE And besides relapsing isn't an option anymore.....