(: Yep it's that day again :)

Blog Post created by MarilynH on Jan 29, 2020

I've been in a funk lately I was really sick with a cold bug for roughly a week & there's a storm every wk end with another one possibly this Sunday church has been cancelled three weeks in a row plus my youngest sister decided to treat me like Sh#t this past Saturday because she wants to bring me down to her level she won't answer my phone calls so there's not much I can do about & I believe part of my funk is I'm beginning to get a little Shack Wacky I was talking to our friend Chris yesterday & we got talking about the cold and Winter which got me thinking about being Shack Wacky  I was without a car for awhile but we did get another one a few wks ago but with the snow and ice I haven't been going to far BUT Smoking isn't even a blimp on my Radar LIFE can be a total b#tch at times BUT we must not use any of LIFE'S issues for an EXcuse to relapse because relapsing isn't an option anymore NOT when our lives literally depends on us to stick with N.O.P.E and vigilance N.M.W.....Our buddy our pal our friend George wants all of us here at Ex to enjoy a Stressfree hasslefree BUT most importantly a Smokefree  Hump Day.....