I'm sick but at least I don't smoke!!!

Blog Post created by MarilynH on Jan 17, 2020

My ten year old grandson Mason gets off the bus here everyday, on Monday he was really sick with a cold bug so I asked my daughter if he could spend the night and miss school Tuesday so I set up the vaporizer in the bedroom along with the infuser and gave him a hot lavender bath after Supper his poor nose was raw he seemed to be feeling better Tuesday I thought he went to school Wednesday but he wasn't on the bus when I walked out to the road yikes so I called my daughter and she said Oops I forgot to call she took him to the Dr's office and got a prescription anyway to make this long story short he's he's feeling much better now BUT I feel like a Mack truck ran over me especially my chest plus my ears ache and my throat hurts plus my head is full UGH BUT YAY for not smoking anymore because no matter how sick I was I'd be outside in all kinds of weather trying to suck on a damned Cancer Stick nearly horking up a lung or possibly even both because I thought I needed that fix WHEW thankfully not anymore because I don't do that anymore none of us need to do that anymore! Our lives deserves for us to look after ourselves because if we don't nobody else can do it for us and living a Smokefree Life is so much better without the crutch of cigarettes, I just remembered my 15 year old grandson Adam is getting off the bus here today this pic was taken just before Christmas.