N.M.W.~ No Matter What!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Sep 30, 2020

I'm running late this morning my brother in law Bob passed away last night at the age of 60 he's married to Marks sister Wendy, some of you probably remember me mentioning that he's been battling kidney Cancer for many years anyway it's too hard to go into details but he's done suffering! He's been in the Presquile Maine hospital since the 13th from a perforated bowel which the surgeon believed happpened from the immunotherapy he was doing he worked for a tech company in Jacksonville Florida for years so he had to be looked after in the States because of insurance long story short Covid 19 is really going to make things complicated for the family and the funeral I don't know what's happening yet but I might as well keep my appointment this morning because Wendy called me to let me know she wouldn't be over today because of trying to make preparations. I'm really glad that I don't smoke anymore because I'd be chainsmoking right now BUT thankfully I don't do that anymore and in all honesty I'm so thankful that I don't because possibly when Wendy gets back across the border I can be there for her and not stink like a disgusting ashtray, I'm only a half hour drive away from where she is and I doubt if I could get across the border because of this Coronavirus UGH!