Wowser it's the last day of June!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jun 30, 2020

I've said many times before and I'll say it again that the older I get the faster time goes I'd really like it to slow down just a little bit in the Spring, Summer and Fall  and Speed up in the Winter especially for us folks that live in the snowbelts BUT I know realistically that's not going to happen anymore than my age is going to stand still or better yet go backwards several years when I was much healthier LOL I know that ain't happening either BUT at least we've got complete control over whether we smoke or NOT! We've got the CHOICE to either quit smoking NOW while the CHOICE is still ours and NOT by a Dr telling us to go home and get get our affairs in order that there's nothing that can be done all because we waited too long to quit smoking WHEW thankfully that doesn't need to happen because we've got the CHOICE to quit and remain quit it's definetly a journey that we all must take AND I want us all to take it while we're still on this side of the grass! The best part of quitting smoking is as horrid it can be in those early weeks  it's also very DOABLE If you were to ask me if quitting smoking was easy? I'll be saying HELL NO!!!! BUT if you asked me if quitting smoking was worth it? I'll be saying HELL YES with a huge smile on my face because I know how much better life is without the damned Cancer Sticks......