Smoking isn't a blimp on my radar!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Apr 20, 2020

I'm beyond frustrated with everything that's happening with the Covid 19 we're doing really well with the numbers of cases 118 here in NB only 46 in my zone several people are recovering and several have recovered and we have no deaths BUT the borders around us like Quebec has a large amount of cases N.S also has well over double than N.B, I'm five minutes away from the Bridgewater Border into the States where Maine is also getting more cases everyday so I'm one of the people that's relieved the borders will remain closed for the next month. Life goes on good and bad, I turned the TV on yesterday to see there was a shooting spree in N.S our neighboring Province leaving so far 17 dead including a police officer and the shooter is also deceased so senseless this just doesn't happen in my little neck of the woods I called my older sister because she lives in N.S she told me she heard the sirens going, I'm rambling and I know it but at least we haven't had any major flooding or ice jams this year so that's good LIFE happens whether we smoke or not so we might just as well stick with N.O.P.E and vigilance N.M.W. I'm just glad that when I get stressed my first thought is how thankful I am that I don't smoke anymore because I'd be sitting outside in a cloud of smoke accomplishing nothing stressing over everything that's happening that I have no control over WHEW let's continue living a Smokefree Life because we CAN & DO have complete control over our precious quits On a good note Mark opened up our patio area and set out the flags yesterday he brings them back in every evening as you can tell the snow is pretty much gone other than the snowbanks which are melting away and that's a really good thing.....