No more Russian Roulette!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 2, 2020

Some people are successful on their first attempt at quitting smoking and that's fantastic BUT it took me at least a half dozen half assed attempts obviously I just wasn't ready or one of those half assed attempts would've stuck anyway it took finding out that I have mild copd to brighten me up it made me realize that I wasn't invincible and to finally bite the bullet and quit playing Russian Roulette with my life so I found this site and got on line and read everything I could and kept on reading I learned so much about this horrid addiction and how to kick the nicotine poison to the curb permanently it sure wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination BUT thankfully with commitment and perseverance it's DOABLE! If anyone asked me if quitting smoking was easy? I'd be saying HELL NO!!!!! BUT if you asked me if quitting smoking was worth it! I'm saying HELL YES!!!! Anything in this life worth having takes time and effort and OUR LIVES ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN THE DAMNED CANCER STICKS......  I'm so glad that we have this wonderful community of awesome folks that helped me through some horrid rough patches and into this good place in my quit!!!!!  we're all here to help each other through the good and the bad days because we care.......