I remember!!!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Sep 11, 2019

I'm sure we all remember where we were and exactly what we were doing that fateful morning of September 11th 2001!!!

I remember that day and the following days vividly there's way too much hate in this World and it appears to be getting worse every day there needs to be more kindness, understanding and caring and it needs to start at the top with the men and women in power, the Prime minister's offices, the President's offices they need to give a damn and quit lining their own pockets and start doing something to make this World better for our children and grandchildren. Sorry about that anyway when it comes to quitting smoking and remaining quit we must quit and we must choose to stick with our quits N.M.W - No Matter What because it's Doable as long as we are willing determined and totally committed to succeed then there's no way any of will FAIL and we can continue living a life of Freedom !!!!

On a lighter note it's Wednesday and another Hump Day is here plus it's another Day to be WON keep saying YES to Smokefree living.....