Day One = Day Won + Days WON = Live's WON!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 13, 2019

Life can and does throw us curve balls that can really cause stress BUT with commitment and perseverance PLUS the right Mindset Relapsing isn't an option it should not be anymore than a passing thought because our lives literally depends on us to stick with our quits N.M.W. - No Matter What and we must remember that LIFE is going to happen whether we smoke or not and screwing up a perfectly beautiful quit isn't the answer because whatever is causing the stress will still be there so hang on tight and don't let go of the best gift that you'll ever give yourself which is the gift of LIFE! Our LIVES deserves for us to look after ourselves because if we don't nobody else can do it for us....... Here's a pic my daughter Mandy took last night hummmm I better go put my bread in the pans hugs everyone. .....