Screaming is better than relapsing!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Nov 27, 2018

Crying screaming throwing something or throwing lots of things do whatever you have to do just don't smoke I'm sooooooo frustrated right now that I could spit bullets grrrrrrrrr BUT I'm so thankful that I don't smoke anymore because my issue of paying $1,900.00 for a new appliance that I wear over my top teeth at night is a piece of crap, I got at the orthodontist as I put it in yesterday I said it's flopping in the front just like the old one that's just barely a year old that I got at the GP dentist  and paid $550.00 so I go to the professionals and pay a whole lot more mind you it pays for a dozen adjustments as well BUT grrrrrrrr my front teeth are aching even worse than the old one and my head is splitting grrrrrr and we're having a major snowstorm so the appointment they gave me later on this morning I'm not going to make it  unless Mark can get off work to take me because I don't like driving in snowstorms anymore especially with the back of my eyes pulsating like a heartbeat so I'll get New impressions done free of charge of course but I'm not impressed about my inconvenience and the extra trips and extra gas to get there but grrrr what can I do. I'm so sorry that I am venting to all of you but there's no relapsing because I don't do that anymore life can kick us in the teeth at times and I have to say that's what my teeth feel like it right now hubby Mark went to do a delivery then he's coming back to take me to the orthodontist to hopefully do another impression then I'll have to wait until the new year before I get the damned thing grrrrrr but hey I'm Smokefree. ....