(: Yes to Smokefree living :)

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 10, 2018

Once you've decided to bite the bullet and take back your life from the clutches of the nicotine poison then there's no way you can FAIL as long as you are willing determined and totally committed to succeed then you can perservere through the roller coaster ups and downs of withdrawals and moodswings and lack of sleep and you can stay close to this site and blog Help if you're struggling you can read everything you can about quitting smoking and remaining quit because there's a wealth of information here to strengthen your resolve to keep moving forward and stacking up your precious DOF - Days of Freedom & stick with N.O.P.E - Not One Puff Ever and Vigilance ,there's definetly Life after Cigarettes and it's super fantastic so hang on tight and don't let go of the best gift that any of us will ever give ourselves which is the gift of LIFE which I consider the one gift that'll keep on giving day after day week after week month after month and Lord willing year after year and it's a wonderful feeling to be able to look yourself in the mirror each evening and smile and say yay for another Day WON, I'm one of those those people that smoked at least 30 smokes a day for 40 years and never thought I'd ever quit but finding out that I have mild copd that's when I decided I wanted to be around to to enjoy my family and friends but especially the grandchildren and I wanted and still want the best quality of living I can have so as difficult as those first few weeks were it was Doable and totally worth it to be Free!