(: Say yes to being Smokefree :)

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jul 26, 2018

I'm EXtremely thankful that I wised up and found this site because after 40 years of slavery to the nicotine poison this community of awesome people helped get me through the rough patches to where I am today BUT believe me when I say that I went through the roller coaster ups and downs of withdrawals and moodswings and lack of too! Where one minute I might be laughing and the next minute I could be screaming or blatting like a baby or wanting to rip my hair out or rip your face off! I'll tell you that I'd had at least a half dozen failed attempts at quitting smoking until I found this site AND most everyone I know pretty much stayed away those first few weeks because they knew that I wasn't fit to be around and really didn't think I'd succeed anyway the only ones that I wanted to be around were the grandchildren because they were my inspiration and kept me grounded and now I have over 4 glorious years of Smokefree living and it's super fantastic BUT I always want to remember and N.E.F  - Never Ever Forget those early days and weeks of quitting smoking because another Day ONE would totally suck big time but another Day WON is awesome so let's never ever let ourselves become lazy and complacent and lose the best gift that any of us will ever give ourselves which is the gift of LIFE .....