Giving ourselves the Gift of Life

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jun 25, 2018

Kicking the horrid nicotine poison to the curb and burying it six feet under and pouring a truck load of cement over the top to keep it there will give us a life of Freedom from the clutches of the cancer sticks and it's up to us to nurture and protect our quits because our they're  firmly in our grasp and it's up to continue stacking up those precious Days of Freedom I always want to remember and - N.E.F  - Never Ever Forget  - Ugh on another Day ONE - BUT YAY for each and every Day WON! Quitting smoking is a choice and remaining quit is also a choice, I'm always pushing N.O.P.E and vigilance because I don't want any of us to become complacent and lose the best gift that any of us will ever give ourselves which is the gift of LIFE! If we don't look after ourselves and our quits no one else can do it for us and I know that I love reaping the benefits of being an Ex Smoker and being able to enjoy the grandchildren without having to waste our quality time together to go outside every half hour BUT thankfully as Dale says and I'll say it with a huge smile I don't do that anymore .  we had our oldest grandson Adam overnight Friday and Mason overnight last night he's still sleeping......