(: Happy Father's Day to all you Dads :)

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jun 17, 2018

I'm  still blessed to have my Father and I'm even more blessed because we only live a half hour apart from each other I took him out for lunch on Friday for an early Fathers day, today I'll treat my hubby Mark we've been together since my daughter Mandy, Mason's Mom and Emma's step mom was only 9 yrs old she'll be 40 on the 26th and my son Alfred, Adam's Dad was 6 and is now 35, you sure don't need to be blood to be a a Dad or a Gramp because all it takes is love and Mark is full of love we kept our youngest grandson Mason last night he's 9 he's still sleeping he wanted to spend the night with Gram and Gramp and we are thrilled to have him AND the best part is that we're NOT wasting our time with him by sneaking outside to suck on a cancer stick because we don't do that anymore we really are treasuring our quality time together and making precious memories for him to treasure hopefully long after we're gone, here's a pic of Mark & Mason last night & my Dad &I I at the cemetery on Mother's Day to take flowers to Mom's grave as difficult as quitting was it was the best decision that I've ever made and in those early weeks it's this awesome community that helped me perservere through those rough patches which turned me into a very Happy Quitter if you're struggling just know that it's going to get easier and easier with time under your belt but you must believe it and stick with your quit in order to reap the benefits of being an Ex Smoker.