Our lives are in our hands!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Apr 9, 2018

Brrrrrrrrrrr it's cold outside at 13°F with gusty winds brrrrrrrrrrr again but YAY for Smokefree living because I'm not outside with my coffee sucking on a cancer stick coughing choking and nearly horking up a lung or possibly even both trying to get my fix, you know I really don't miss that at all and before I quit smoking I used to joke about being buried with a cigarette in my mouth BUT that was before finding out that I have mild copd because up until that point I think I thought I was invincible and that other people got the smoking related illnesses even my husband that quit 2 1/2 months before I did because of finding out he has mild emphysema he'll have 4 years quit the 25th of April,  I continued to Smoke thinking I was just fine WOW on the power and strength of this addiction BUT once we've got the right Mindset and realize that it's time to take back our lives from the clutches of the dreaded nicotine poison by educating ourselves with reading everything we can about quitting smoking and remaining quit we already know quitting Smoking is absolutely difficult to say the least BUT by educating ourselves we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's absolutely DOABLE with N.O.P.E and vigilance BUT we must believe it and be willing determined and totally committed to succeed and then we'll definetly be successful because there's just No way we can fail so quit if you haven't already and if you're having a rough patch please let us know by blogging Help then wait for someone or more likely many of us will be here to help you through it and if you don't think you can wait for a few minutes then if you have to Sit On Your Hands because you can't open your door to get to a store if you're sitting on your hands deep breaths and know that quitting smoking won't kill you BUT continuing to smoke is Extremely dangerous to your health and quality of living....