It definetly takes time to relearn life without  the crutch

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 5, 2018

Most of us smoked for 30 40 and even 50 or more years, I smoked for 40 yrs with a half dozen failed attempts before finally getting serious about quitting so I wised up and found this site and educated myself on this horrid addiction by reading everything I could about quitting smoking and remaining quit there's a wealth of information here to strengthen anyone's resolve to kick the nicotine poison to the curb and start living a life of Freedom. Quitting smoking is a choice and it's the wisest choice that anyone of us will ever make in our lifetime, I consider it a gift that keeps on giving day after day week after week month after month and Lord willing year after year but we all have to choose whether we smoke or not and choosing Not to Smoke gives us more time to enjoy the simple things in life which actually is the big things in life. I've got my almost 9 yr old grandson Mason here for a couple of days during March break he's still sleeping this morning here's a pic of gramp with him last night with the silly glasses on we're making great memories and the best part of all is that I don't smoke anymore and neither does gramp it's EXtremely important that we never become lazy and complacent  in our quits let's kick back and enjoy our new found Freedom and always stick with N.O.P.E and vigilance because S.I.N.A.O Smoking Is Not An Option anymore we live LIFE on LIFE'S Terms without the crutch of cigarettes, YAY for Smokefree Living.....