Lliving life to the fullest as an Exer

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 9, 2018

Being an Ex Smoker is very Doable but very difficult to say the least, when I found this site way back in June of 2014 just about a month before I actually quit I was looking for help because I'd failed in quitting smoking at least a half dozen times in the past so once I started reading everything I could about quitting smoking and remaining quit I began to realize that all of my past attempts were half hearted that I wasn't prepared to actually quit so I kept reading and learning as much as I could about this horrid addiction so I set up a quit date but I wasn't ready so I reset it for the following week and the night before quitting I promised myself that I would never pick up another cigarette no matter what was happening and for some reason I'd forgot about this site until on my third week when I was ready to tear my hair out or better yet rip someone's face off and jump in my car and buy a carton of cigarettes instead of just a pk but whew thankfully I remembered this site and got on line and started reading blogs I commented on one and up to that point I hadn't let myself be known, someone commented back to me and suggested that I write a blog and tell a little bit about myself and my quit so I did and I thank moody_9-18-13 for that and many of you commented on that blog and got me through another Day WON and so every time I was ready to scream I'd blog instead and there was always someone here and the same is true still, if you are struggling please Blog Help because we're all here to help you through the rough patches so hang on tight and don't let go because you can get through it so each evening you can look yourself in the mirror and smile and say yay for another Day WON!