Sticking with N.O.P.E. & Vigilance Works!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Dec 10, 2017

I pray that I Will - N.E.F. - Never Ever Forget my day One and the early days and wks of my quit because only Days WON Will do, I pray that for all of us Exers and if you're reading this and just thinking about quitting please read everything you can about quitting smoking and remaining quit because there's a wealth of information here to strengthen your resolve to kick the nicotine poison to the curb and start living a life of Freedom and if you're struggling hang on tight and don't let go because you can get through the rough patches, believe it and each evening you can look yourself in the mirror and smile and say yay for another Day WON! Quitting smoking is definetly difficult to say the least but very Doable and anything in this life worth having takes time and effort and quitting should be at the top of the list of things to do plus we should have a much better quality of living without the crutch of cigarettes, we woke up to 6.5 inches of the white stuff this morning so I believe Winter is here and I have to admit it does look pretty.  the plow already did a swipe in the driveway and hubby cleaned the vehicles off , the top pic is my 14 yr old Samantha Digger Jane Hartley in her dog run this morning.