Thinking of all of the devastation!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Sep 20, 2017

My thoughts and prayers are with Mexico right now and I'm still thinking of the cleanup in Texas and Florida and along with the wildfires in California and British Columbia and so many other natural disasters that's happening like hurricane Maria that's out of our control which is so heartbreaking but we have complete control over our quits and I know that I will always choose to remain smoke free because each morning I choose to not be complacent but to be vigilant while going about my daily routine and each night I'm so thankful for another day WON, I've got lots of crap in my life just like anyone else but my quit along with my family is the bright spot that keeps me going with a smile, no matter what is happening in life let's choose to protect our quits, my prayers are with everyone in need please feel God's strength and love!