Keep stacking up those Days WON!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jun 24, 2017

Quitting Smoking is definitely difficult to say the least but it's absolutely Doable and definitely worth it to be FREE! Looking back to when I decided to quit and I found this site the beginning of June /14 I read, read and kept reading everything I could find, set my quit date but when the time came I wasn't ready so I reset it for a week later July 14th 2014 then I read some more. The night before quitting I smoked right up until bedtime, brushed my teeth and looked around to make sure I got rid of all the ashtrays outside in the smoking area and told myself very firmly that no matter what, I would never, ever pick up another cigarette as long as I live and I don't break promises to anybody including myself, for some reason I never came back on line until the 18th day of my quit and thank goodness that I thought of it because I was having horrendous cravings back to back but thankfully I came on line and commented on something and at that point I was only lurking in the shadows but someone suggested that I write a blog and say a little bit about myself so I did and the rest is history, chin up and grab onto the best gift that any of us will ever give ourselves. Smoking robs us and our families of our time, health and eventually our lives which most times is way too soon and most likely could have been avoided or at prolonged it to a better quality of life, if only the person could have quit smoking! Believe you can and will be successful, remain willing, determined and 100 % committed, stay vigilant, stick with N.O.P.E  - Not One Puff Ever, if you do this each and every day then how can you fail?