We need to nurture & protect our quits!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 28, 2017

Some days are tougher than others with the ups and downs of everyday living but we must remember that it's just not us Exers that has problems so we certainly don't need to throw our hands up in the air and give in to the thought of having just one because that's definitely not the answer to life's issues. Non smokers have rough patches as well but never smoked in their lives so they deal with it on life's terms and you can and will too but after decades and decades and decades and decades of smoking it only stands to reason that relearning life without the crutch of smoking takes time and effort and quitting smoking and Remaining Quit is absolutely Doable and so very worth it all to be able to go anywhere, anytime, whenever, wherever and however without wondering where to sneak off to suck on a disgusting cancer stick. Life happens whether we smoke or not and I choose NOT! We all have a CHOICE in just about everything in life and we definitely have a choice whether we smoke or not so chin up and continue stacking up those precious smoke free days! Is it easy in those 1st few weeks? HELL NO!!! Is it worth it? HELL YES!!! but for me relapsing isn't an option because I'M NEVER GOING THROUGH ANOTHER  DAY ONE OR THOSE 1ST FEW WEEKS EVER AGAIN! ALL OF US EXERS MUST CONTINUE TO MOVE FORWARD AND BE PROUD OF OUR DAYS WON! - N.O.P.E  - WORKS WHEN APPLIED ON A DAILY BASIS! - S.I.N.A.O  - SMOKING IS NOT AN OPTION - hang on tight to the best gift that any of us will ever give ourselves which is the gift of LIFE!