This broken record says be vigilant & protect your quit!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 9, 2017

A very good morning to all, I'm off to my Dad's in a bit to help him get moved, I promise that Dad and I won't be lugging on anything heavy, I don't EXpect to be back on line until sometime Thursday. Yesterday I decided to bake cookies for Mason and Gramp but I wasn't in the mood and screwed up the first too batches by leaving out an ingredient like duh but I'm pig headed so I decided to try again and yay perfection the third time conquered.  about the time the school bus was supposed to be here it was downpouring  I live a long way off the road so I got wet getting to my car to meet Mason at the bus but it stopped raining, the bus was a little late so I came back to the house anyway 10 minutes later still no bus so I tried my daughter's place in case Mason got off there, no answer so I tried her cell, no answer so I tried the school but thankfully I dialed wrong as I was looking up the number my phone rang and it was Mason, I was ready to drive over to pick him up but he said his mom was home so I talked to Mandy and she told me she quit her job but forgot to tell me, I told her my heart was racing which it was but I guess I'm just chopped liver unless I'm needed! But I won't smoke over it or the rain, ice pellets and the wet snow that's supposed to be coming through overnight, remember life is going to happen whether you smoke or not so please choose to continue plowing forward because each day you get through is another day WON, believe me when I say life really does get easier and easier as time goes by but unfortunately you must go through whatever you have to before you get to that good place in your quit and start reaping the benefits of an Ex Smoker, keep moving forward one precious smoke free day at a time.  see you all in a day or two! ((( chin up and know that there's life after cigarettes and it's super fantastic )))