We can live on life's terms without the crutch!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 7, 2017

We really can live a happier, healthier lifestyle by kicking the poisonous cancer sticks to the curb but we need the right mindset to be successful and for me after 40 yrs of slavery to the nicotine poison and believing that other people got smoking related illnesses such as copd, emphysema, heart disease, cancer and so on, like alot of you I'm sure, I've been to many a funeral for extended family and friends that died from forms of Cancer or heart attack, maybe smoking had nothing to do with their deaths but I wonder about that now but when I was still smoking l must of figured I was invincible that I was fine smoking didn't bother me but when a Dr said he didn't like the sound of my lungs one day and set up a breathing test which showed that I have mild copd now that scared the crap out of me because I didn't want to end up on oxygen 7/ 24 or worse so I got on line found this site and read everything I could about quitting smoking and Remaining Quit because I wanted to be around for my family and friends especially the grandchildren, there's definitely life after cigarettes but you must want it more than anything else on the face of this earth so reach out and grab it and don't let go until you get through the rough patches, it's absolutely difficult at times because I remember wanting to scream one second, maybe blat like a baby the next or maybe if you looked at me the wrong way I might have ripped off your face nobody wanted to be around me so I didn't have any company the first few weeks anyway except the grandkids, they were my rock that made it all worthwhile, it's time to stick with your quit and keep stacking up those precious smoke free days. Life is way too short to knowingly continue to slowly kill yourself so come on over and join the ranks of being an Exer.  I enjoy being a Gram and being a big kid and being an Exer is awesome.