Quitting Smoking is Doable and so worth it to be FREE!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Feb 24, 2017

Wishing everyone a stressfree, hasslefree, smoke free day,

let's put on a positive attitude and be sure that we keep on moving forward in our precious quit and keep stacking up those splendiforous DOF  - Days Of Freedom  because believe it or not the more days you get in the easier it will be but you don't have to listen to me please stick around and prove it for yourself but you must give it at least 3 months, 4 would be better, that may sound like a long time but it's really not because most of us smoked 40 yrs or more so it only stands to reason that it's going to take some time to relearn liife without the crutch plus anything in life worth having takes time and effort and being Smoke Free is definitely worth it to be able to go anywhere, anytime, whenever and however without needing to stop to suck on a killer cigarette, so at the end of this day let's all smile because we are FREE and we also have another glorious Day WON!