I am so frustrated!!!!!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Feb 20, 2017

Mark, all of these changes that you were putting Terrie through with the pledge page and moving things around from here to there and locking it in so she couldn't even get in to change things, ugh! I  just hung up from talking to Terrie who's only on her 75th day of her quit, you have her so upset with all of your messages trying to get her to do things your way! Why change things when we the ex family are content with the pledge being just the way it, is our Giulia handed Terrie the reigns quite awhile ago and it's been working beautifully so why mess around with it. I hope you don't delete this blog Mark like you did Terries comment earlier she said you deleted, you're the reason she deactivated her account, her nerves are bad and I pray that she doesn't smoke over this stress, she's been a vital part of this community she's been there for all us and has helped many newbies, I am so upset right now andasked Terrie if she minded me writing a blog to let our ex family know what's happening, hopefully it won't get deleted!