Wishing each of you a stressfree, smoke free day

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Feb 18, 2017

Let's have the best day possible today,sometimes I have to remind myself how fortunate I am just to be able to swing my feet onto the floor each morning and be able to walk out into the kitchen and get a coffee and plan my day because there's so many people in this world that doesn't even have a place to lay their head at night so I take my aches and pains and realize just how blessed I am to be sitting here in my favorite recliner chair drinking freshly brewed coffee in a fairly warm house with a furnace full of wood and lots of wood in the basement to do out the winter and even with the aches and pains, I am so blessed and I am sure that most of you reading this are too, most likely all of you are. Let's be sure to look after ourselves by protecting the best gift that we've ever given ourselves which is our quits because our health and our lives are depending on remaining Smoke Free, there's so many people that are suffering from smoking related illnesses and some have died already and we've known some of these people and we know people battling now to live and some of them will lose the battle. I'm sorry if I'm pushing but I have another friend that's very close to the end and I'm 99% sure that cigarettes caused his cancer and he continued to smoke right up to a few days ago, I suppose because he knew that for him it didn't make a difference but for many of you and for me we have the chance to better our lives and possibly give ourselves a much better quality of life so I push vigilance again today Freedom is ours for the taking so keep your quit by continuing to move forward and stacking up your precious smoke free days and if you haven't quit yet it's time to bite the bullet and take back your life from the clutches of the cancer sticks! 

Marilyn 950 smoke free days and counting