Another Hump Day is upon us!!!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Feb 15, 2017

There's only one more Hump Day after today, February is scooting right along but not fast enough to suit me, another snowstorm is coming overnight, hopefully this one won't be too bad. It's been a hard month for anyone living in the snowbelt but we must be in a downhill slide and I certainly won't be smoking over this crappie white stuff or the frigid Temps because thankfully I don't smoke anymore and I can't imagine standing outside trying to suck on a killer cancer stick anymore, yesterday I hit 31 glorious months of being an Exer and I also celebrated 6 splendiforous yrs of alcohol free living, I'm a recovering addict from cigarettes as well as alcohol and I can tell anyone that's struggling with your quit or anyone that hasn't decided to quit yet that Quitting Smoking is absolutely Doable and it's absolutely worth whatever you need to go through to come out the other side smiling, it might take 3 or possibly 4 months before you start smiling but as long as you stick with your quit you will be smiling at some point because quitting smoking is the best decision that anyone of us will ever make in our lives and our lives literally depends on remaining smoke Free so keep moving forward and stacking up those precious DOF and at the end of each day you will have another Day WON! And if you haven't quit yet now is the time to take back your life and once you get through the rough patches then you can start reaping the benefits of an Ex Smoker because life is so much better without the crutch but you don't have to believe me when you can prove it for yourself.