Believe that Quitting Smoking is Doable because it is!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Feb 11, 2017

Quitting Smoking isn't easy by any stretch of the word but anything in this life worth having takes time and effort and I believe taking back our lives from the clutches of the horrid Cancer Sticks is worth anything and everything that we have to go through to be FREE and with the right mindset it's difficult yes but living by - N.O.P.E - Not One Puff Ever - and being willing, determined and totally committed to succeed then how can you fail? Believe me when I say that I had some horrible rough patches and wanted to scream and or cry at the same time and I sure didn't have any company those first few wks because nobody wanted to be around me and that suited me just Fine! But I made it through each day, one hour at a time because I promised myself that I would never pick up another cigarette as long as I live and I don't break promises to anyone including myself, plus I read everything that I could find here about quitting smoking and Remaining Quit and picked out a quit date but ended up not being ready so I picked another one and kept it, then I forgot about this site until my 18th day which I was ready to crawl out of my skin but thankfully I remembered and got on site and commented on something and was asked to write a blog and tell you guys a little about myself so I did. Up until that point I lurked in the background and I am so happy that I remembered this site that day and got on line and wrote that blog because you most likely saved me from breaking that promise to myself , I honestly don't know if I would've bought cigarettes or not but thankfully I didn't need to find out because I had all of you my friends and fellow Exers to get me through the rough patches, so if you are new to your quit or if you are struggling, stay close and reach out to us so we can help you to get through each day because getting through them means each evening when you're getting ready for bed is ANOTHER DAY WON!

Marilyn 942 or 943 days of Freedom or something like that.

A little over 2 and a half yrs Free if I can do it after 40 yrs of smoking, I know that anyone can do it with the right mindset and our lives literally depends on it so bite the bullet and be FREE!