My Quit Journey Day 7

Blog Post created by Marigene6266 on Aug 17, 2020

Wow! I cannot believe the support I have been receiving on here! Thank you so very much ; everyone has been so helpful with tips, advice and positive thoughts. It mean's a lot just knowing that you have all been through or are currently going through what I am. It is helpful to know that someone else knows and understands. I have to be honest and say the support here has been much stronger than what I am receiving from my family. My daughter tries but she's been going through some stuff too and it's hard sometimes to be sympathetic for someone else. My husband has finally told me he is trying to cut back if not fully attempt the quit right now. That's why he only had one the other night when I almost slipped ; because he did not buy another pack at that time , forcing himself to wait until he had to go to town for other reasons. I'm proud of him for trying , I know from past efforts that he cannot quit cold turkey. I am hoping that within a couple of weeks I can convince him to get his own patches and perhaps even see the doctor for prescription help as well. I know having those things have helped me tremendously . I'm doing good today, went to the store and found  something to snack on that has no sugar so I can munch without thinking. It is such a simple product I don't know why I did not think of it before. Goldfish crackers! No sugar and very cheesy which is one of my fave things to snack on . I did want to address something I have been thinking about. Everyone may have noticed that I have not taken the daily pledge. I have thought about it and I am not ready yet. If I take that pledge and  slip up I would be letting all of you down. As long as I do not take the pledge I am only letting myself down. I hope you all understand my thinking on this. I am not yet confident enough in myself to take the pledge. We will see what tomorrow brings. Good luck to all of you on staying quit today!